to analyze

In 21 days we understand your business, the improvement potential it has, and we propose solutions to increase your profitability.

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to implement

By applying our methodology we develop and implement the solutions needed to achieve greater profitability via a results-oriented culture.

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return on investment

On average you get back 5 times your investment. And the results are permanent, taking your business to the next level.

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21 days to
find your true

We analyze your business and identify its improvement potential. We look for the level of alignment between these six key aspects of all businesses.

We evaluate whether your current environment and culture are conducive to making the necessary changes and getting more from your business.

Finally, you will have a clear vision of your company's improvement potential and how we plan to help you achieve it.

We tell you what shape
your business is in

The result of the assessment is a Project Proposal to correct the deficiencies and release the potential for both operational and financial improvement.

The proposal lays out the operational objectives and the financial benefits by process, the scope of the project to generate these benefits, a week-by-week, activity-by-activity work schedule, the required investment and, finally, our contractual commitments.

  • Areas of Opportunity
  • Base period
  • Estimated savings
  • Proposal/methodology
  • Detailed work schedule
  • Investment
  • Business return

–3 Perspectives

Applying our methodology we develop and implement the solutions needed to generate improved profitability via a results-oriented culture.

deep change

Together we shape
the road ahead

We Shape the implementation

Through the implementation of our methodology we make the “process owners” aware of their opportunities and potential for improvement. Together we develop conceptual models based on an overall view of the business:

  • a) to solve the present challenges
  • b) to avoid new problems
  • c) to significantly improve performance

We train the end user in the elements needed to operate the new solutions in three phases: mechanical use, understanding and managing daily functions.

We reshape mindsets
to move forward

We are Organizational Shapers

We develop your human resources.

We analyze the current inventory of attitudes, knowledge and skills to determine what needs to be upgraded through training.

Then we carry out technical and hands-on training sessions so participants can apply the concepts in their daily operations, discover their leadership strengths and be more effective. We follow up each individual in his/her workplace to ensure they practice and acquire the leadership skills required for success. 

We call it

Change management is all about balance. We understand that your customer satisfaction and your business success rely on the effectiveness of your processes.

That is why we ensure your personnel is fully involved in the project, effectively facilitating change by encouraging their participation through our methodology. We aim to achieve full synchronization of your business.

We reshape
into results

We not only work to make your business more profitable in the short term, but also we contractually guarantee that once we finish the project implementation you will have your investment returned.

Our clients on average get a
 5 to 1 return on their investment.

We shape

At the end of the project we perform audits after 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure the financial benefits are reflected in your statements.

In addition, we audit the management systems implemented are being used correctly and if deviations are detected we help your management team to apply the necessary corrective actions.